Insurance Industry Background


During my 40 year Fire Service career in New Zealand and Australia, I developed a passion for Fire Investigations as well as Factual & Circumstance Investigations, and have demonstrated the ability to conduct accurate scene examinations, evidence gathering and research, conveying my conclusions in the form of comprehensive reports.

Within New Zealand, I established a reputation as a credible Fire Investigator, and partly as a result of that recognised ability, was offered a position with the Country Fire Authority, and brought over to Victoria in 2001 to take up that role. I was immediately endorsed as an investigator and given the role of Fire Investigation Coordinator for the Gippsland Area, which provided an opportunity to have a significant involvement in most fire investigations conducted by CFA within the Gippsland Area of Victoria.

Fire Investigations:

  • 1999–2001 – Self employed investigator (New Zealand) conducting investigations relating to structural, vehicle, farm machinery and vegetation (crops) fire claims.
  • Conducted investigations for most insurance companies as well as a number of Barristers or Solicitors within the North Island of New Zealand.
  • Obtained evidence and prepared reports to assist Claims Managers with fire related insurance claims.
  • Prepared documents for, and given evidence in Civil, Criminal & Coroners Courts as an Expert Witness on numerous occasions to date.
  • January 2006 – Current – Conducted Forensic Fire Scene Investigations involving structures, motor vehicles, crops & vegetation throughout Victoria, NSW & ACT on behalf of a number of insurers.
  • Reviewed reports and other evidence relating to fire cause and origin matters and provided written opinions to insurers or their legal representatives as to the accuracy of that evidence.

Whilst self employed as a fire investigator in New Zealand, I became the preferred consultant for many of the insurance companies and legal firms who used my services. My conclusions and evidence have assisted with fire related insurance claims involving all types of fire situations.

I currently operate throughout Victoria and inter-state when required and I have established a flexible cost effective process to achieve favourable outcomes in terms of vehicle and other travel related costs.

I am aware of the requirements of the General Insurance Code of Practice and the various Expert Witness Codes of Conduct applicable to all states and territories of Australia.

I have Public Liability and professional indemnity insurance cover , and can provide a certificate of currency if required.

Since resigning my position with the Country Fire Authority (Vic) in April 2006, I have been appointed to the panel of consultants of 38 insurance companies.

Fraud, Circumstance & Factual Investigations

From July 1999 till November 2001, I operated as a Private Investigator in New Zealand, specialising mostly in Forensic Fire Scene Investigations on behalf of the Insurance Industry.

During that period, I undertook a number of Fraud, Factual & Circumstance investigations, and was successful in establishing fraud or non-disclosure on a number of occasions, and as a result of that success, became more involved in that area of investigation.

The majority of Circumstance or Fraud Investigations I have conducted to date relate mostly to stolen motor vehicles, motor vehicle accidents, theft from dwellings or businesses, fraudulent business losses, matters
relating to farm animals and/or machinery and personal injury or illness claims.

Motor vehicle fires, deliberately set in order to provide an opportunity for the insured owner to obtain financial advantage occupied a great deal of my time during that period.

I was also involved in obtaining evidence relating to the circumstances that led to a number of motor vehicle accidents, as well as reporting on the condition of the vehicle and any contributing factors.

My inquisitive and suspicious nature blends well with the investigative industry, and since becoming qualified as an Investigator within the New Zealand Fire Service in 1990, I have developed a passion and a high degree of ability for this type of work.

In April 2006, following on from my 40 year Fire Service career, I commenced operating as a self employed Forensic Fire Scene Investigator and a Licensed Private Investigator throughout Victoria, NSW and other parts of Australia.

In addition to the circumstance and other investigations I have conducted, I have also conducted Circumstance Investigations on behalf of the Victorian Work Cover Authority in relation to personal injury or illness claims.

My current clients have commented favourably on my Attention to Detail, which is a matter I strive to achieve at all times when conducting a scene examination, obtaining evidence and compiling reports.

My current clients have commented favourably on my Attention to Detail, which is a matter I strive to achieve at all times when conducting a scene examination, obtaining evidence and compiling reports.

I have Public Liability and professional indemnity insurance cover , and can provide a certificate of currency if required.

I have satisfied the requirements of Certificate 3 in Investigative Services and have been presented with my certificate from the Australian School of Security and Investigation, and I have a current Investigators Licence.

My fire Investigations are Backed up onto two external hard drives and filed securely.

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